Why PE pipe is a “good assistant” for urban drainage?

The advantage of PE pipe is very obvious compared with metal pipe, and the physical properties are very superior. PE pipe material is non-toxic and has strong impact resistance and stress crack resistance. From the application perspective, PE pipes can be divided into five types: PE water supply pipes, HDPE drainage pipes, ground source heat pump special pipes, buried polyethylene PE gas pipes, and PE mining pipes.

PE water supply pipes are commonly found in household water systems. PE pipe has a good water pressure, so that it can effectively resist the impact of water, improve the safety and reliability of water supply. The PE water supply pipe can also be seen in the garden water supply. Another reason for choosing it may be that the price of the PE water supply pipe is lower than that of the metal pipe.

HDPE drainage pipe can be used in the drainage system of the city. The PE pipe is fast and flexible, and it is not easy to damage. Even if it is damaged, its maintenance costs are very low. In addition, PE pipes have comprehensive advantages such as safety, hygiene, convenient construction and long service life.