The advantages of PEX pipe

Pressure performance, nominal pressure 1.25MPa, de16mm burst pressure greater than 6MPa, de20mm burst pressure greater than 5MPa; wide temperature range: -70–95 ℃ (short-time 110 ℃); acid corrosion, can be used for a variety of chemical substance delivery.
Pipe outer wall smooth, low resistance, without fouling; clean, non-polluting, can be removed from the people cited “yellow water”, “rust water” bitter; use of special fittings, quick and easy installation, no tapping, threading welding; there are just soft and pliable, saving fittings; light weight, an only galvanized steel tube length 1/10; has good thermal insulation properties; long life, at 70 ℃, working pressure ≤0.8MPa continuous use life of 50 years.
2, PEX pipe performance
High and low temperature performance, temperature range: -70 ℃ ~ + 95 ℃.
Hard texture and toughness, in the anti-pressure high. (Nominal pressure burst pressure> 4MPa 1.25MPa, 20 ℃ when).
Extremely non-toxic, does not contain plasticizers, mildew and bacteria does not occur, in line with the drinking water health standards.
It can be used for drinking water, pure water transmission. Good chemical resistance, excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, that is, at high temperatures can transport a variety of chemicals. No rust, no scaling, which is an advantage unmatched by ordinary metal pipe. * Compared with the metal pipe, its good insulation properties. * Small pipe outer wall smooth fluid flow resistance, PEX pipe diameter flow up about 30% higher than galvanized steel, and lower noise.
Light weight: only galvanized pipe tube length up 1/10, saving shipping costs.
PEX pipe is easy to bend, there are just soft, connection without tapping, threading, welding, using a dedicated member (card sets, clamp-type) can be safely and quickly installed. Saving installation time and reduce installation costs by about 50%. Use a long time, the life of more than 50 years.