Specifications of Butt Welding Machine for PE100 HDPE pipe and fitting

HDPE pipe Welding machine1

Welding machine model: SHD90200 ( As sample )
Temperature: 225℃±10℃)


1. Turn the cutter firstly and move the pipes ( fittings ) to toward the cutter to be closed while milling the pipe; the cutting thickness should be less than 0.2mm. The milling pipe and fittings should be welded timely when they are clean.

2. The max gap between pipe and cutter when it is closed: Gap ≤3mm while dn < 225 mm.

4. If the temperature is below -5 ℃ or there is high winds, the heating time should increase by 50% with the safeguard procedures.

4. The pipe should be moved slowly and do not be moved during the heating period; cooling time can be begin two minutes later after the turnup comes.