Precautions for the use of PPR pipe

Competition of PPR pipe market is very fierce because there are so many PPR brands with different useful and performance.It’s essential for company to be strict with quality can match up with it’s value in market.

In use process, some points which is the important factor can effect quality have been found.

1.Transportation of PPR pipe

Although PPR pipe has some superior performance, there is some difference on strength between PPR pipe and metal pipe because of raw material. Good protection is necessary for PPR pipe’s transportation to avoid breakage of PPR pipe result from excessive collision.

2. Aging of PPR pipe

As a type of plastic pipe, PPR pipe has good aging-resistance performance. It is inevitable that there will be a certain degree of aging  ultraviolet irradiation in the long term, even if the process is great. So it’s essential for PPR pipe to take steps to avoid ultraviolet.

Meanwhile, temperature, installation way can affect use effect of PPR pipe. Pay attention to these problems, so as to make the effect of PPR pipe better.