Junxing βPSP pipe, new invention for better building!


Junxing βPSP pipe is a new type extrusion composite pipe with an argon-arc butt welding galvanized steel pipe layer sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of high temperature and pressure resistant βPPR, adopting imported special hot melt adhesive, integrating advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe.

psp pipe structure

βPSP pipe is applicable to pipe system such as central heating system, domestic hot and cold water supply, central air-conditioning, main pipeline, hot water supplies geothermal pipe, chemical,  sea water desalination, and so on. The long term working pressure is up to 1.25Mpa, at the temperature of 95℃; and that pressure can reach 2.0Mpa, at 20℃.

Junxing independently develop a set of special fittings for connection, pipe and fitting is heated by electromagnetic induction way and double-side melt together. It’s a new trial in plastic pipe connection field, which is easy to handle, as well as save time and labor.

Now Junxing βPSP pipeline and the supporting connection system is authorized as “Killer product” by Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Junxing has already obtained 7 patents for invention, 9 patents for utility models and 21 design patents for this βPSP pipe.