How to prevent the leakage of floor heating pipe

Floor heating and beautiful appearance are better than traditional heating. However, leakage of floor heating pipes is a problem that cannot be ignored. How can we avoid this phenomenon?

First, three pressure test need to be done during installation and test pressure is 1.5 times the working pressure, not less than 0.6Mpa. The pressure is regulated for 1 hour. If the pressure drop is less than 0.05 Mpa, it is qualified. Do not use air pump when cleaning floor heating.

Secondly, in order to avoid accidental injury during construction, to leave a pressure gauge on the construction site after the pressure test will be better. Once the foreign body damages the floor heating pipe, the pressure of the pressure gauge will drop instantly, so that the worker can find it in time.

Third, when there is a scratch in the Warm Pipeline, the high pressure of the geothermal pipe will be cleaned by the high-pressure gas pump, which will cause the floor heating pipe to burst. When the floor is warmed, it is best to install a water filter. The floor water can be decomposed, and some impurities can be filtered to reduce the frequency of warm cleaning.

Fourth, after the laying of floor heating pipe, ground construction need to be very careful and avoid knock smashing action occurs. During the construction of floor heating, people may not work with other types of cross at the same time. When heating systems are used in the coming year, they must be heated in stages, gradually increase the temperature, and do not increase them at one time.