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        With 15 years developmentJunxing now is among the top 10 manufacturers of plastic pipe and fittings in China. We offer a wide range of quality products (hdpe pipe, ppr pipe, pex pipe, pert pipe, pap pipe and the associated pipe fittings). These pressure pipe can be used in many types of application, such as potable water, irrigation, sewer, drain, dredging, mining and floor heating. We aim to be your pipe expert, and solve all problems you may have in pipeline system.

        As “quality first” is always being our motto, we keep strict quality control programs, which encompass three aspects of the manufacturing process: the incoming raw material, pipe production and the finished goods. Every batch of incoming raw material must be inspected and tested to ensure it meet all requirement for production. During production, the pipe will be examined by QC personnel and pipe samples will be collected for physical verification and testing in laboratory. The finished product must be sent for further visual inspection, such as pressure test, to ensure it has met the appropriate standard.

        With 100% virgin raw material and responsibility in production, we take great pride in providing you high satisfactory products. Please contact us if you have any inquiry, you will believe that “Connect with Junxing, connect with satisfaction” !