The advantages of PEX pipe

Pressure performance, nominal pressure 1.25MPa, de16mm burst pressure greater than 6MPa, de20mm burst pressure greater than 5MPa; wide temperature range: -70–95 ℃ (short-time 110 ℃); acid corrosion, can be used for a variety of chemical substance delivery.
Pipe outer wall smooth, low resistance, without fouling; clean, non-polluting, can be removed from the people cited “yellow water”, “rust water” bitter; use of special fittings, quick and easy installation, no tapping, threading welding; there are just soft and pliable, saving fittings; light ...

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Why PE pipe is a “good assistant” for urban drainage?

The advantage of PE pipe is very obvious compared with metal pipe, and the physical properties are very superior. PE pipe material is non-toxic and has strong impact resistance and stress crack resistance. From the application perspective, PE pipes can be divided into five types: PE water supply pipes, HDPE drainage pipes, ground source heat pump special pipes, buried polyethylene PE gas pipes, and PE mining pipes.

PE water supply pipes are commonly found in household water systems. PE pipe has ...

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How does HDPE double wall corrugated pipe to avoid losses caused by transportation

Bellows is one of the products of our common life. In all pipe, HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is one of the most popular products of the majority of users. When transporting and storing the bellows, there are many areas that need attention, if we are careless careless will cause damage to the pipeline, then the transport when we specifically how does it work? The next time by our HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe production and sales of manufacturers to answer ...

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Precautions for the use of PPR pipe

Competition of PPR pipe market is very fierce because there are so many PPR brands with different useful and performance.It’s essential for company to be strict with quality can match up with it’s value in market.

In use process, some points which is the important factor can effect quality have been found.

1.Transportation of PPR pipe

Although PPR pipe has some superior performance, there is some difference on strength between PPR pipe and metal pipe because of raw material. ...

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How to prevent the leakage of floor heating pipe

Floor heating and beautiful appearance are better than traditional heating. However, leakage of floor heating pipes is a problem that cannot be ignored. How can we avoid this phenomenon?

First, three pressure test need to be done during installation and test pressure is 1.5 times the working pressure, not less than 0.6Mpa. The pressure is regulated for 1 hour. If the pressure drop is less than 0.05 Mpa, it is qualified. Do not use air pump when cleaning floor heating.

Secondly, in ...

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Easy methods to judge the quality of PPR pipe

PPR pipe and fittings have been widely used in modern building water supply and drainage system, and other construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields. When we order the PPR pipe and fittings for ourselves or other possible projects, pipe quality should be the first point to concern and inspect. Apart from these possible professional test in lab, methods as below also can be used for pipe quality inspection: .
1, Pipe appearance:  PPR pipe with excellent quality, its color should ...

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What matters should we pay attention to PPR during construction period in winter?

PPR hot&cold water pipe are mainly used for buildings. In order to adapt to the height of house, the length of PPR straight pipe is 4m/pc generally. Winter approaching, we should refer to below details during construction period?

  1. Forbid the rough handing. Should avoid the mechanical damage caused by external force exerted on the pipe during construction;
  2. 20mm-200mm Junxing PPR pipe and fittings both are jointed through socket fusion connection. Heating time should meet the technical requirements of ...
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PEX Tubing For Snow Melting

It is well known that PEX tubing is widely used for floor heating, do you know it’s also a wise choice for snow melting? Today let’s learn more about it.

With profer design and installation, the hydronic snow melting system can clear outdoor snow automatically. This system consist of PEX tubing laid out the ground surface and the water heater (or boiler). It works similar to radiant floor heating, when the warm water runs through the tubing loops, it ...

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Junxing βPSP pipe, new invention for better building!


Junxing βPSP pipe is a new type extrusion composite pipe with an argon-arc butt welding galvanized steel pipe layer sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of high temperature and pressure resistant βPPR, adopting imported special hot melt adhesive, integrating advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe.

psp pipe structure

βPSP pipe is applicable to pipe system such as central heating system, domestic ...

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