Why PPR can’t be used for underfloor heating pipe?

Why PPR can’t be used for underfloor heating main pipe in floor heating system? PPR called polypropylene Random copolymer, which is a material used in cold and hot water pipeline in market so far. With the rise of the independent heating market, PPR pipeline is also applicate to heating system.but it’s suitable or not?

The main pipeline needs to ensure sufficient flow. Even hot melt debris because of the impact of the flow of water to stay within the boiler to cause the accident , resulting in a greater loss.

Because PPR tube is one of the particularity hot-melt connection, the workers have more higher skill requirements, the hot-melt is not enough can make a hidden dangers for water leakage. But too much or excessive, it’s would be cause shrinkage. resulting in insufficient heating system to heat flow, also can not find the reason.we believe from the media, online reports also show that the reason of accident heating is mostly caused by water leakage pipe joints, so stand in a safe angle,we do not recommend using PPR pipeline to do heating system.

If so, what can we use for? The expert suggest us use a kind of pipe which without joint for a whole line. Junxing brand pipe include PEX Pipe,PERT Pipe,PB Pipe,PEX/EVOH Pipe,PERT/EVOH Pipe,PB/EVOH Pipe is the best chose for underfloor heating system.because of them serurity,intensity and flexibility.welcom you visit us and use our pipes.