What matters should we pay attention to PPR during construction period in winter?

PPR hot&cold water pipe are mainly used for buildings. In order to adapt to the height of house, the length of PPR straight pipe is 4m/pc generally. Winter approaching, we should refer to below details during construction period?

  1. Forbid the rough handing. Should avoid the mechanical damage caused by external force exerted on the pipe during construction;
  2. 20mm-200mm Junxing PPR pipe and fittings both are jointed through socket fusion connection. Heating time should meet the technical requirements of welding machine for PPR pipe&fittings, under low temperature circumstances, can properly extended heating time;
  3. There must be no open flame at storage and construction site because PPR pipes is pure plastic pipe. It is strictly prohibited to use open flame bake pipes;
  4. After construction, the remaining PPR pipe products should be taken certain protective measures to prevent the pipeline from being hit by hard objects, scratches;
  5. After testing pressure in winter, it’s essential to drain the water in the PPR pipeline in time to prevent the pipeline from frozen.

 Low-temperature brittleness of PPR require us pay more attention to construction in winter. Meanwhile, Unique R&D institution of Junxing research F-PPR pipe which can solve the main problem of PPR pipe- larger linearity coefficient,not easy deformed.