pex tubing for snow melting

PEX Tubing For Snow Melting

It is well known that PEX tubing is widely used for floor heating, do you know it’s also a wise choice for snow melting? Today let’s learn more about it.
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pex-a&pex-b pipe

PE-Xa pipe VS. PE-Xb pipe

        Junxing Pipe Group can produce two kinds of cross-linked polyethylene pipe(PEX), they are PE-Xa pipe and PE-Xb pipe. The difference between them lies in many aspects as below:
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Connect With Junxing satisfaction

      With 15 years development,Junxing now is among the top 10 manufacturers of plastic pipe and fittings in China. We offer a wide range of quality products
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Why PPR can’t be used for underfloor heating pipe?

     Why PPR can’t be used for underfloor heating main pipe in floor heating system? PPR called polypropylene Random copolymer, which is a material used in
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white ppr pipe1

What matters should we pay attention to PPR during construction period in winter?

    PPR hot&cold water pipe are mainly used for buildings. In order to adapt to the height of house, the length of PPR straight pipe is 4m/pc generally.
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