PE-Xa pipe VS. PE-Xb pipe

        Junxing Pipe Group can produce two kinds of cross-linked polyethylene pipe(PEX), they are PE-Xa pipe and PE-Xb pipe. The difference between them lies in many aspects as below:

  1. Raw material: Junxing adopts imported virgin raw material from LG for the production of PEX pipe, however, the shape is different. We use powder PE-Xa pipe material and granule PE-Xb pipe, that’s the reason why we can make colorful PE-Xb pipe, but only natural color PE-Xa pipe.
  2. Cross-linked method: PE-Xa pipe is peroxide cross-linked and the cross-linking process finished while extrusion. However the PE-Xb pipe is organosilane cross-linked, which requires a second process of cross-linking after extrusion.
  3. Production machine: because of the difference of raw material, we adopt different machines for production. Plunger extrusion production line with high pressure equipment for PE-Xa pipe; screw extrusion production line for PE-Xb pipe.
  4. Degree of cross-linking : according to ISO standard, the degree of cross-linking of PE-Xa pipe and PE-Xb pipe must reach 70% and 65%, Junxing PE-Xa pipe has a better performance, which can exceeds 80%.

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