PEX Tubing For Snow Melting

It is well known that PEX tubing is widely used for floor heating, do you know it’s also a wise choice for snow melting? Today let’s learn more about it.

With profer design and installation, the hydronic snow melting system can clear outdoor snow automatically. This system consist of PEX tubing laid out the ground surface and the water heater (or boiler). It works similar to radiant floor heating, when the warm water runs through the tubing loops, it heats the ground and causing the snow to melt.

This is an efficient way to deal with snow and ice, which can save time, energy and expense of traditional snow removal way. Imaging, you wake up in a cold winter morning, happy to see the clean sidewalks around your house, and your neighbours are busying shoveling the snow, it that cool? And this system can also be used for commercial sufaces such as parking lot, highway, bridge, airstrip, emergency equipment driveways and so on.

Honestly speaking, all kinds of floor heating pipe can be used for snow melting system,  Junxing offers a wide range for your choice, such as PERT pipe, PB pipe and the oxygen barrier pipe.