“Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement”

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Recently, the Seventh Member Congress of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association was successfully held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center. As a technological innovation enterprise, Junxing Pipe Group received the award and the “Steel-plastic pipe fittings welding control system” declared by our group was awarded the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievements of the 12th Five-Year Plastics Processing Industry. Liang Zenghong, our senior engineer was named The “Advanced Technology Workers”.

The welding control system of steel-plastic pipe fittings is a patented product of our company with independent intellectual property rights, which realizes the connection method of hot-melt after the first plug-in, and solves the unfavorable factors such as the high cost of the original steel-plastic pipe connection construction, difficulty in construction, and unreliable construction quality. Junxing steel-plastic pipe system had achieved a high degree of automation, coordinated speed adjustment across the board, and ensured the stability of steel pipe structure to guarantee the reliable quality.

Till now, the PSP pipe fittings produced by our group have been used in more than 100 projects across the country and have been highly recognized by veterans at regional promotion conferences in Xi’an, Baotou and Jinan.