How does HDPE double wall corrugated pipe to avoid losses caused by transportation

Bellows is one of the products of our common life. In all pipe, HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is one of the most popular products of the majority of users. When transporting and storing the bellows, there are many areas that need attention, if we are careless careless will cause damage to the pipeline, then the transport when we specifically how does it work? The next time by our HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe production and sales of manufacturers to answer your questions how transport can not damage the HDPE double wall corrugated pipe.
The first is when the transport of the bellows. When handling pipes, usually we will use the sling, it is worth noting that tape here, the first width can not be less than 50 mm; the second can not be used to make rope sling; third sling can not be directly tied pipeline, as this will damage the corrosion layer; a fourth loading and unloading process must be light hanging gently. To avoid damage to the pipeline, we note that in addition to transportation, but also concerned about its storage issues. Storage yard bellows must be flat, spacious and clean.