Good PPR pipe follow good fittings

ppr plumbing pipe
PP-R pipe is the largest water supply pipe used by most people in home decoration. It is not only necessary to pay attention to the selection of PP-R pipe in the installation process, but also pay attention to the selection of small details, such as: Pipe fitting of PP-R pipe.

Matters needing attention when purchasing PP-R fittings:
First, the quality of PP-R ...

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Junxing Pipe Group Honors List

In recent years, Junxing Pipe Group has won awards for collective honors, personal advancement, and promotion of construction technology (products) projects in the field of construction in the past year:

1.Tianjin Junxing Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd. won the advanced unit for the promotion and application of new technologies in the construction field of Tianjin. (Document of the Municipal Construction Committee [2017] No. 209)

2. Xia Chengwen, Chairman of the Junxing Pipe Group, was awarded the advanced person in the construction and ...

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Junxing hand in hand Evergrande Real Estate Group

As a cooperative supplier of Evergrande Real Estate Group, our company has established a good strategic partnership with Evergrande Real Estate Group for almost 8 years.

Evergrande Group Profile:

Evergrande Group is the largest real estate company in China with the largest sales area, and has more than 200 large-scale residential projects in more than 100 major cities in China, covering a range of product lines such as mid-end, high-end, high-end and tourism real estate. In 2017, Evergrande sold 500.96 billion yuan.

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Regular inspection for SKZ & DVGW certificates


SKZ staff from Germany came to Junxing Group for regular inspection from 27 – 28th, March 2018.

During the inspection period, SKZ staff checked the record of raw material incoming inspection and how Junxing did the quality control on line. We showed the records for each step and reports for each batch of pipe. As we all know, SKZ lab is strict with their ...

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Junxing Pipe Group Won the First Prize In 2017 Tianjin Construction Materials Industry Technology Innovation Award

According to the four aspects:innovation, technical, economic benefits, and social benefits, the “Plastics Plastic Composite (PSP) pipe fittings and their connection technologies” declared by Junxing Pipe Group have been unanimously approved by experts.

Award-winning project profile: Steel-plastic composite (PSP) pipe fittings and their connection technology:

The automatic intelligent welding machine, welding machine and special pipe fittings independently developed by Tianjin Junxing Pipe Group use electromagnetic induction heating technology to achieve the purpose of “socket first then welding” connection, which greatly simplifies the ...

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Junxing Pipe Group Sales of four Signed Contract for Nanjiang Thermal Power Plant Water Supply Pipe Network Project

The water supply pipe network of nanjiang thermal power plant adopts PE water supply pipe, pipe diameter DN710, and the total length is about 7000 meters, all of which adopts the “Junxing” brand PE water supply pipe made by our company.

At present, Junxing Pipe Group owns China’s largest PE production line and can produce PE water supply pipe with diameters of up to 1.6 meters and all necessary fittings, It is one of the top ten companies in China’s plastics ...

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Junxing Pipe Group once again won the national “high-tech enterprise certification”

Recently, Junxing Group successfully passed the “High-tech Enterprise Certification” (certificate number: GR201712000487)

The recognition of this high-tech enterprise is the result of the Group’s emphasis on product innovation, process innovation, management innovation, and unremittingly taking the road of scientific and technological innovation over the years, fully demonstrating the company’s overall strength. It proves that the Group has strong technological innovation capabilities and high-end technological development capabilities in the field, which has greatly promoted the increase of market influence, the level of ...

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JunXing Pipe Group 2018 Annual Sales Training Conference and Commendation Conference Successfully Closed

Junxing training

To improve the overall marketing level, meet the strategic needs and enhance the marketing capabilities of the sales staff, Junxing Pipe Group organized a three-day sales knowledge training conference. The sales staff and related personnel of the sales branches and departments of the group paticipated in the training. This training mainly carried on the staff professional quality, professional skills, product knowledge, laws and ...

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Tianjin Junxing Pipe Group Co., Ltd with the CNAS certification

At the beginning of 2018, there is good news for you all. Testing Center of Tianjin Junxing Industry Group Co., Ltd has received the “National Accredited Laboratory” certificate issued by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and successfully passed the review of the national accredited laboratory.


Passing the national accredited laboratory review shows that Junxing Group has the technical ability to carry out analysis and testing services according to the corresponding accreditation criteria. And it is the great opportunity ...

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Junxing Pipe Group in AQUA-THERM MOSCOW 2018

Junxing Pipe Group in AQUA-THERM MOSCOW 2018

DATE: February 6th to 9th

LOCATION: Crocus Expo Center, Moscow

BOOTH: Pavillion 3, Hall 15, C436

Junxing attend AQUA-THERM MOSCOW 2018 in February, although it’s heavy snow season in Russia, Junxing people show great enthusiasm towards this exhibition and all customers visiting us.

We met many new customers and customers who have long term cooperation with us too, they are impressed with our professional image and good-quality products.

This exhibition provides us a good chance to know about our customers ...

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