Open a new chapter of gas pipe

As the country has increased its investment in “coal-to-gas” environmental protection projects, the requirements of customers for gas pipe products have also begun to diversify and become multi-layered.

In order to adapt to changes in market demand and pursue excellence, Junxing Group has imported high-tech equipment from abroad and imported special gas pipe production lines from Germany’s Krauss Maffei Company, so that expand the Group’s production scale and improve the Group core competitiveness!

The newly-purchased German “Krauss Maffei” production line is equipped ...

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“China Light Industry Plastics Industry (Plastic Pipe) Top Ten Enterprises”

The top ten enterprises in the industry are not only the backbone enterprises of China’s light industry, but in the plastics processing industry, and they are even the leading enterprises in the plastic pipe industry.

China National Light Industry Council conducts a unified evaluation on the four main indicators of business income, total profit, main business income tax rate and main business income growth rate. Finally, it was approved by the president of the China Light Industry Association.

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Obtained the vice chairman unit of China Plastic Pipeline Professional Committee

From April 13th to April 15th 2017, the 10th General Meeting of Plastic Pipeline Professional Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and 2017 Plastic Pipeline Industry Exchange Conference was held in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. From the China Plastics Processing Industry Association Plastic Pipeline Professional Committee members across the country, and plastic pipe industry related units of the leadership, experts, plastic pipe production companies, upstream and downstream enterprises, industry associations, testing agencies, related media and other units represented 484 ...

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“Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement”

图片 1

Recently, the Seventh Member Congress of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association was successfully held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center. As a technological innovation enterprise, Junxing Pipe Group received the award and the “Steel-plastic pipe fittings welding control system” declared by our group was awarded the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievements of the 12th Five-Year Plastics Processing Industry. Liang Zenghong, our ...

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Junxing Pipe Group was recognized as “Tianjin Green Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance Director Unit”

According to the specific work arrangement of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, through the recommendation of the district science committees and the professional divisions of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, they organized declarations, expert assessments, deliberations of the director’s office meeting, and online public announcements. In the first batch, a total of 30 companies were recognized as innovations in production, research, and research for leading companies. alliance. Among them, Tianjin Junxing Pipe Group Co., Ltd. was identified as: ...

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International customers visit to our company

图片 1
Recently, Senegalese customers brought their purchasing and technical personnel to visit our company. Our vice president of the Group and sales manager give them a warm reception.

In the past several months of telephone and mail exchanges, customers have already recognized our company’s product quality. This time, his boss personally visited and inspected our company’s production scale, R&D strength, product quality and ...

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Junxing Pipe Group Visit Mongolia

Recently, we visited our customers in Mongolia and reached long-term cooperation agreements. Our General Manager led the business staff to visit the customer’s office building and its production workshop, and made many valuable suggestions to the other party, which was unanimously appreciated by the Mongolian customers. At the same time, the customer spoke highly of the pipe products supplied by our company, ...

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Good PPR pipe follow good fittings

ppr plumbing pipe
PP-R pipe is the largest water supply pipe used by most people in home decoration. It is not only necessary to pay attention to the selection of PP-R pipe in the installation process, but also pay attention to the selection of small details, such as: Pipe fitting of PP-R pipe.

Matters needing attention when purchasing PP-R fittings:
First, the quality of PP-R ...

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Junxing Pipe Group Honors List

In recent years, Junxing Pipe Group has won awards for collective honors, personal advancement, and promotion of construction technology (products) projects in the field of construction in the past year:

1.Tianjin Junxing Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd. won the advanced unit for the promotion and application of new technologies in the construction field of Tianjin. (Document of the Municipal Construction Committee [2017] No. 209)

2. Xia Chengwen, Chairman of the Junxing Pipe Group, was awarded the advanced person in the construction and ...

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Junxing hand in hand Evergrande Real Estate Group

As a cooperative supplier of Evergrande Real Estate Group, our company has established a good strategic partnership with Evergrande Real Estate Group for almost 8 years.

Evergrande Group Profile:

Evergrande Group is the largest real estate company in China with the largest sales area, and has more than 200 large-scale residential projects in more than 100 major cities in China, covering a range of product lines such as mid-end, high-end, high-end and tourism real estate. In 2017, Evergrande sold 500.96 billion yuan.

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